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origami house

single family house





angela kurmann

frederico m. montanha
sabrina kurmann

The big challenge to design this single family home was the L shaped plot. The sun orientation is very tricky, because the sun rays hit the facades directly. To protect the glass openings it is necessary a lot of horizontal and vertical elements to generate shadows. To minimize the use of materials and improve performance these elements were designed like a Japanese origami, providing less use of concrete and more protection against the heat. The use of cross ventilation and double height room will also help to renovate naturally the air for cooling the building. Origami house is the second one we designed for this more than special family. The construction was on charge of Pellissari Engenharia, and it started on January 2020, and the completion was on February 2021. Sabrina Kurmann was responsible for the site management in loco. 

origami 5_PS.jpg

Below are some photos of the construction process, with images that illustrate some of the phases of the work. The highlight of the project, the exposed concrete origami, was executed in loco, with an excellent work by Pelissari Engenharia and the master builder Leo, who masterfully assembled the wood formwork in a truly handmade way, like an artist modeling a sculpture. The dedication of everyone at the construction site has been really inspiring. Civil construction is one of the most significant examples of teamwork present in our society, so the built result of a project is always the merit of all colaborators and suppliers who participated in it. Many thanks to you all.

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