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  Estudio kmmk is an architectural practice based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was grounded by Angela Kurmann and Frederico Martins Montanha with collaboration from Sabrina Kurmann, as a fusion and continuity of their solo careers started in Brazil. The Swiss-Brazilian architects have been working in Switzerland for companies like SAM Architekten, Schwarz & Schwarz Architekten and Walker Architekten over the last few years. In addition, they worked in Australia for Tip Top Architecture, FPA Architects International and BKK Architects. For these companies, their work showed itself in the form of various project typologies in cities like Zurich, Lucerne, Brugg, Sydney and Melbourne. Estudio kmmk members already visited more than 45 countries, learning about their history, culture, cities and visiting architectural masterpieces of all times. These architectural trips are for the studio very inspiring and motivating. Working overseas means improvement by doing, and travelling means improvement by learning. The aim is to be tomorrow a better architect and professional than today. Respect for the local culture and technology is also fundamental in their philosophy, it is definitely essential to think globally but act locally. Wherever the project is located in, it has to react to its very local conditions and environment. The following map depicts in more details their trajectories.

World Map about us (Goldener Schnitt) V4

countries worked visited

Australia   Austria   Belgium   Bolivia   Bosnia and Herzegovina   Brazil   Bulgaria   Cambodia   Canada   China   Croatia   Czech Republic   Denmark   Egypt   England   Finland   France   Germany   Greece   Hong Kong   Hungary   India   Indonesia   Israel   Italy   Japan   Jordan   Laos   Lebanon   Liechtenstein   Luxembourg   Malaysia   Mongolia   Morocco   Netherlands   New Zealand   Norway   Palestine   Paraguay   Peru   Poland   Portugal   Romania   Russia  Serbia   Singapore   Spain   Svalbard   Switzerland   Thailand   Turkey   United Arab Emirates   USA   Vatican City

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estudio kmmk GmbH 

Frankentalerstrasse | 26

8049 | Zürich | CH


+41 76 535 1526

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