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This is a study for a single-family house in the Swiss town of Winkel, in canton Zurich. The initial task was to verify all possible typologies to be located in the plot, respecting local rules and regulations. Therefore, the desired program for this more than special Family was tested on different concepts. The small forest beside the plot has been integrated into all variants, as well as the stunning view of the valley in front of the terrain. For the next stage of the project, one of the proposals will be chosen for further development. Atelier Rosinus will be responsible for the construction management.

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The design process started with a in-depth analysis of the town, its history, the striking surrounding of the plot and the pre-existent buildings near it. At first it was important to check the possibilities and the consequences of planning a multi-family, a double-family or a single-family house. The family participated in every single step of the development of ideas. Initially, more than 8 concepts were proposed, then only four of them where selected for further development. For any of the favourite options it was generated several sketches, plans, section and images, to help the clients to take their decisions.

The favourite 4 are completely different concepts. The main idea was to try different typologies, structural systems and materials to match the desired room program. So it was possible to check the pros and cons of each design solution. Nevertheless all of them should respect the surrounding, take advantage of the views, and be somehow integrated with the forrest near the plot. Since the family was involved in every single step of the design, it was possible to swift the process towards their unique and individual tastes, desires and match their dream. This engagement is the main force to create not only a building, but a home. 

estudio kmmk
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estudio kmmk
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